Draft for iPad

Basecamp folks (formerly known as 37signals) asked us if we could help them in improving their internal sketch-drawing iPad app. We took what they already had and developed a completely new drawing mechanism that we are really proud of. On top of that, we spiced it up with some sharing options and Campfire integration. Just to… you know, make it cool for the kids.

  • This last version is beautiful! Smooth, fast, really nice.
    Jason Fried
    Founder & CEO at Basecamp (formerly known as 37signals)


Instagrid redesign

Although our clients tend to give us a lot of creative freedom (we love you guys!) we rarely encounter people with "go wild, go crazy" attitude so it was even more awesome to work on a concept redesign for Social Print Studio's Instagrid. Our main idea behind it was to give users a simple, pleasant experience with their Instagram photos. Without distractions - just you and your food snapshots.



Skullcandy Crusher iPad & Facebook apps

Along with our friends at Knight Studios we developed an iPad app used by Skullcandy on CES 2013 floor to show off their latest Crusher hardware. We were recording people reactions to the amazing quality of Skullcandy's new headphones and emailing them those clips and sharing on custom-built Facebook application. You could basically see your heads get blown and then share it with your friends.


Road to Awe

What can we say, we dress to impress and Road to Awe folks knew that when they asked us to design and develop an online, device-agnostic look for their newly established fashion brand.



Social Print Studio global order redesign

Our mission was to think through and improve Social Print Studio's backyard. And by backyard we mean everything that revolves around putting together a set of beautifully printed photos in a variety of ways, from stickers to books to huge prints. We've had an interesting challenge to design and develop a consistent ordering user experience across multiple services.



What's my response time?

Ever wondered why you are not an internet celebrity yet? Yeah, we thought so… So did people from Sparkcentral that came up with an idea of short but vital reports about your social engagement on Twitter. We helped them out with it.



Print Studio iPhone app design update

Social Print Studio guys asked us to sit down and take a stab at refreshing their iPhone app. Our job was to streamline the process and introduce some new mechanics that would help users in turning their Instagram photos into lovely prints.



Skullcandy Supreme Sound
in-store app

Together with Knight Studios we listened to a lot of 90's grunge music when developing an iPad and Android apps used by Skullcandy in their stores to promote their Supreme Sound technology.



Social Print Studio Frame Dept.

Social Print Studio folks came to us with a mission of designing and developing a small site for ordering framed, high-quality prints. People can upload their own photos, crop them to their liking and print and frame in variety of available sizes. Everything in 3 simple steps.



Skullcandy Theo’s Euro Snaps

Along our friends at Knight Studios we developed a Facebook app were people could follow some US skaters around Paris, Barcelona and Copenhagen based on their Instagram and Foursquare posts.


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